Things you can do if you get bored on the Internet

Things you can do if you get bored on the Internet
Things you can do if you get bored on the Internet

Do you get bored surfing the Internet? You open and close your social profiles hoping to find some notification that will take you out of this weariness. Do not worry! In this article we recommend activities that you can do on the Internet to avoid getting bored.

Things you can do if you get bored on the Internet

1. Find out how fast you type with the keyboard

At what speed are you able to type with the keyboard? Are you above or below average? Find out by doing a quick test with Malvin Becon. Surely your competitive soul will push you to try and keep trying again and again.

2. Watch a movie with Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an App that lets you watch hundreds of premiere movies in streaming. Most of them are in the original version subtitled too, so you'll learn a little of other languages.

3. Learn something new in a TED talk

If you do not know the TED talks yet, you are in luck, you will discover one of the most interesting pages that exist. In the TED talks, experts in multiple areas of knowledge, comment and explain some of the most exciting hot topics that exist.

4. Play Agar IO

Agar IO is considered one of the most addictive games that have come out in recent times. Before you start playing: A warning. IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE!

5. Jump from article to Wikipedia article

You start looking for the biography of Felipe II and end up learning how to raise pigs in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Wikipedia has become the largest encyclopedia of human knowledge, and also the largest spider web to catch the curious.
It is simply irresistible to click on a hyperlink that you find interesting. The problem is that on the new page there will be several more, and so on until you look out the window and it is closed night.
However, once you've boredom on Wikipedia, nobody can take away what you've learned. It may not be too useful for a person who lives in the West in the 21st century, but since knowledge does not take place, it never hurts to get lost from time to time between its pages .
Don't resist the dark side of Wikipedia. It is too strong and you do well navigating through its pages.

6. Become a trol

The trolls live with us since the Internet exists. They are dedicated to generating online debate with methods that can be described as questionable, at least. They do not hesitate to resort to provocation and even disqualification; all that is necessary to bristle someone's nerves.
If you are extremely bored, you can always try to tickle someone. A friend or a stranger does the same, as long as you find your weak point. Everyone has on occasion given an opinion that can be turned against him, so your mission is to find it.
Of course, be careful what you do and who you trolley. Or you will end up in a discussion that you will not be able to leave and that will not even provide you with fun. The objective of this is to portray someone, not to take them to personal ground; therefore it is better to focus on trolling your friends.
An example of the perfect troll is the one dedicated to sharing and commenting on old photos of your friends on Facebook . Everyone has a past, and thanks to Facebook we can access it.


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