This 10 year old girl has already found a way to earn money with Pokémon GO

Miranda decided to take advantage of Pokémon GO fever to earn some money. Like many businesses in the world, the 10-year-old girl made a business idea that leaves her economic benefits.

The little girl set up a business in the yard of her older sister's house in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States. According to the game, this place is a pokéstop and in it the girl offers drinks and snacks to the players of the three main teams (Mystic, Instinct and Valor).

Aimee Nordin, Miranda's sister, posted the photo of the post on Reddit. Some users' comments criticized green glasses that did not match the colors of the equipment. In the end, the entrepreneur listened to the suggestions and made everything align with the corresponding hue.

The plan to have the business was to get enough money so that Miranda could buy a better phone. Aimee told The Verge that, in just three days, she managed to raise $ 100, more than enough to acquire the dream phone.
The idea came when the little entrepreneur played Pokémon GO on her sister's phone, because she had a very old cell phone to run the application. Now the next goal is to raise money to buy an iPad for Miranda.
At the time of launching the application, the little businesswoman knew nothing about Pokémon. But she has been so busy in the business that she already plans an expansion of her "Pokéstop Shop" to other pokéstops.


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