Sell online from scratch: the most complete guide on the subject

Selling online is an excellent opportunity for those who want to start their own business without having to leave home to do so . However, many people mistakenly think that starting an online venture is easy and generates success from one day to the next.
Sell online from scratch: the most complete guide on the subject of digital marketing business
Sell ​​online from scratch: the most complete guide on the subject
The first thing you have to know is that to achieve good results with Internet sales you need to plan, work and work hard. There are no miracles that will make you get rich quickly or without any effort.

But if you do serious and structured work, it is very likely that you will reach your main goals, such as having more time to be with your family, being able to work while traveling, being your own boss , making greater profits and much more.

To help you, we prepare a complete guide with everything you need to know to start selling online from scratch.

What will be disused
  • Understand what can be marketed online
  • Learn to have a virtual business without investing money
  • Choose the ideal product to sell online
  • Identify a market and study it
  • Create your product from scratch
  • Choose a platform to sell your product
  • Promote your product and demonstrate authority
  • Final

1. Understand what can be marketed online

Many people have the idea that to earn money on the Internet only one thing is necessary: ​​to have an audience on their website or on social networks.

But the truth is that that is not enough at all. You can have an amazing blog, with thousands of visits per month, but it will be of little use if you do not make it profitable.

Therefore, the first thing you have to think about when you decide to sell online is: "What will my customers buy?"

We know, it sounds very obvious! But it is common to find people who complain about not selling anything because they just want to make money with advertising on their site.

Although this is an option, it is not the most recommended, since there are few cases in which people achieve success only with it.

But then, what can be sold online? We select the best options:

Consulting is an excellent option for those who know a certain topic very well and have specialized in that segment. Are we going with an example?

Imagine you are an expert in personal finance and investments. It may be that you have studied for that or that you have acquired knowledge working in a company in the sector, for example.

The important thing is that you know a lot about savings and wealth management and know the best strategies for personal investments to have high profitability.

Now imagine that you have created a blog and a YouTube channel with tips and small lessons on the subject.

Over time, using strategies to spread your content, you have achieved a loyal audience, who always reads your posts, comments and participates in lives on your social networks.

Those people are interested in your content and may need more personalized attention, advice. That is, what you can sell online is a consultancy to people who need your help to improve their personal finances.

To attract your customers, a form on your website may be enough. And such consulting can be done personally or by video conference.

The consultant makes an analysis of the situation of his client and helps him achieve his objectives, with the planning and execution of strategic actions.

And here we show only one example, because you can offer consulting in various performance niches, such as fashion, administration, marketing and many others.
Another option to sell online are the services. Suppose you have a lot of knowledge of French and, as in the previous case, you offer content for people who need to learn the language.

If your audience trusts in your knowledge and in your didactic ability, you will probably want to have classes with you, right? And that is exactly what you can sell: your private lessons, personally or by videoconference.

The same can be done in different segments: if you have online content about software development, you can sell that service (such as creating a mobile application, for example).

Or if you are an expert in architecture, you can also offer projects online. There are thousands of possibilities and the profits can be significant!

The negative point of selling services (and also consulting) is that you will only be able to serve a limited number of clients: after all you are only one person and you will have to devote a lot of time to each of them.

That is, in these cases you will not be able to scale your business.

Physical products
Physical products can also be sold online and are very popular. More and more people buy on virtual sites, because it is much more practical than going to a physical store.

This is a good option for those who already have an offline store and want to take their business further, or for those who want to start and sell products without having expenses with the premises (rent, expenses with electricity and water, etc.).

To have an e-commerce, you need a good website, with photos, descriptions and prices of your products.

In addition, it is necessary to have a payment platform and a team that deals with all the technical part that the website requires.

But there are also some platforms that already offer the entire basic structure of the online store, such as Shopify.

Another important point is that you will have to deal with the management of your stock and the logistics of the shipments.

An interesting tip is to use the drop shipment. In this case, you do not need to have the product in your stock: when the customer makes the order you review it to the wholesaler, who will send the purchase directly to the customer.
Digital products
Digital products, or infoproducts , are those that are marketed online in digital format.

The most popular are online courses (e-learning) and electronic books (ebooks), but there are also others, such as mobile applications, online congresses and downloadable templates.

The public that consumes infoproducts is growing more and more, for many reasons. Look at some of them:

·       People do not need to leave their homes to make the purchase.
·       If it is a product like a book, it is not necessary to wait for it to arrive: just download it in a few minutes or seconds.

·       If it is a product such as a course, it is not necessary to face traffic to watch the classes and the student can do everything at his own pace, wherever and whenever he wants.

·       The prices are very attractive!

·    For those who decide to sell this type of product online, there are several advantages, such as being able to start with very little or no investment, having a scalable business, being able to work anywhere and many more.

To be an infoproductor, it is necessary to develop different activities.

In the case of the online teacher , for example, it is necessary to define the performance niche, plan the course, create the scripts , record the videos and promote the content on the Internet .

The recommendation is to have a platform that takes care of the payments, that automatically sends the product to the buyer and that offers two options: that the client downloads the product or that has access to a membership area .
Third party products
A good idea for those who want to sell online without worrying about the creation and management of the product is to participate in an affiliate program .

Affiliates promote other people's products in exchange for commissions. Are we going with an example again?

Imagine you have a blog about healthy living and physical exercises. Most of your audience is interested in losing weight, eating healthy and practicing activities that help burn calories.

Now imagine that you have discovered an online fitness program, with video classes that the student can accompany from home, performing the exercises in their own home.

Surely your audience would love this product, right? So what you do is recommend it on your page, with a specific link.

Every time someone makes a purchase and has reached the product thanks to the link you have published, you receive a commission for the sale.

Marketplaces are websites of a specific segment that bring together products from various sites and brands in a single place.

The buyer can choose the product that suits him best, considering its characteristics and prices.

Some examples of this type of online sale are Trivago, Booking and Despegar .

This type of site is very interesting for buyers, because they do not need to spend hours researching the best price and can make the payment directly on the page.

For those who want to sell online it can also be a good option, since (as in the previous case) it is not necessary to develop a specific product.

However, having knowledge of web development is essential, unless you hire someone to do that job (which is not cheap at all).
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2. Learn to have a virtual business without needing to invest money

If your idea is to sell online without facing too many risks, you can choose to have a virtual business that does not require many initial investments. The sale of physical products, for example, is not highly recommended in that case. However, selling services, digital products or third-party products can be an excellent option for you.

Next, we select some tips so you can do it:

If your idea is to sell online without facing too many risks, you can choose to have a virtual business that does not require many initial investments.

The sale of physical products, for example, is not highly recommended in that case. However, selling services, digital products or third-party products can be an excellent option for you.

Next, we select some tips so you can do it:

Take care with perfection
You probably want to have the perfect product before you start selling it, right? It is normal to want to offer something with excellent quality (and that is ideal, of course).

However, before knowing if your business really works, you can start with a more basic version.

For example, if you are going to create an ebook, you don't need to hire a designer to take care of the visual part.

You can start with a simpler model and create the ebook yourself.
Another example is that of online courses. If you are going to record a video class, you obviously want the quality to be the best possible. But, for starters, you don't need a studio or a super professional camera.

If you have a room in your house that is well lit and has a neutral wall, without many objects and colors, you can start there.

But remember to choose a comfortable with little noise. Another option is to make the recordings in a place in the city that is beautiful and quieter.

In addition, it is possible to use your smartphone's camera, as long as it has an acceptable image and audio quality..

Choose free tools for your work
There are many excellent tools to sell online and several of them are free (or have basic versions that you can use at a low price).

To spread your product and attract customers, for example, a good option would be to use Adwords, the Google ads tool so that your site appears in the first positions of a search.

But, if you don't have money to invest, you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies so that your website is on the first page in an organic way (that is, without spending money for that).

Another example: if your product is an online course, you will have to use a membership platform so that your customers can log in and access modules, videos, forums, activities, etc.

There are excellent options that you can use and that only charge a percentage of the value of the product when you make a sale .

The most important thing is that you investigate tools that are good, that meet your needs and are not expensive.

If you do, you will see that it is possible to start selling online even if you do not have money to invest.

3. Choose the ideal product to sell online

If you have decided to sell online, the most important point of all is to define what you will sell!

For that, we recommend that you write on a sheet 3 ideas of products that you could sell, considering the following points:

What are you passionate about?
Ideally, you choose to work with something you are passionate about. As Confucius said, "choose a job you like and you won't have to work a single day in your life."

Think about your tastes and imagine the products that you could create and sell online from that.

For example, if you are passionate about gardening and it is your great hobby, you can create an online course that teaches cultivation techniques at home.

And the ideal is to choose an even more specific topic, such as growing indoors, growing vegetables in small houses that do not have a garden or growing orchids, for example.

If you love taking pictures, you can create an e-book with photography techniques. Thinking about more specific topics, you can focus on night photographs, portraits, landscapes, Photoshop techniques and many others.

Think about your passions and you will surely discover something perfect for you!

What do people need?
Although you have to love what you do, only your love is not enough. Other people have to love it too!

And more: people have to need your product. It is useless to develop something that you think is wonderful, but that nobody is going to need.

For that, you have to identify a market and study it. It is necessary to carry out an investigation of a specific niche and understand what the problems that this group has are and that need to be solved.

But don't worry: we'll talk about that in the next topic.

How can you scale your business?
Another important point to consider is the following: to sell more, will you need to invest more time and / or money? Or with a single effort will you be able to make “infinite” sales?

For example: if you sell a service, such as financial consulting, every time you make a sale you will need to invest more hours of work, because you will have to meet with your client, study their situation and develop strategies to achieve their objectives.

Or if you sell clothes, you will have to buy new pieces every time your stock reaches the end.

However, if your product is an ebook, for example, after it is ready you will not have to worry about anything else: just with the sale.

That is, you will create the ebook once and you can sell it to thousands of people around the world. Therefore, the ideal is that you think of something that can generate more profits with less effort.

4. Identify a market and study it

After you have the list with 3 products that you can sell online, you must choose the best option by conducting a market research.

Study your niche. Look for the problems of your buyer people that you can solve. Investigate in depth what your pains and needs are. If you are going to do a course on gardening, for example, see what they are asking about the topic in Google, Yahoo Answers, etc.

Find the products that already exist on the subject and analyze what they don't have. 
How can you offer something different that distinguishes you from others? And eye: if your product is too new and there is nothing like it, it may be that there is no public or real demand for that.

Analyze your competition and get inspired. But, of course, don't copy what they are doing. And also pay attention to one factor: is it very difficult to beat the competition?
If you want to compete with very large companies and brands, you may have to choose another option or a microfiche.

Conduct surveys with people you know and that fit into your target audience. 
You can also do it online or in places where you can find your target audience. 
If you are going to sell a gastronomy course for mothers with young children online, for example, you can go to a kindergarten or a school and ask those women to answer some quick questions. Understanding your future customers is the most important thing for you to succeed!

5. Create your product from scratch

After you have defined what product you will sell online, you will have to create it (unless you are going to sell a physical product that is ready).

 6. Choose a platform to sell your product

When your product is ready, you will have to choose a platform that allows you to make sales. In the case of infoproducts, we recommend that you choose one that has the following characteristics:

·      Allow you to have a personalized sales page generated on the platform itself or an external and integrated sales page.
·       Store the products on a reliable server;
·       Manage purchase orders;
·       Make all the payment part in an automated way;
·       Allow your customers to buy in different currencies;
·       Deliver the product automatically after payment;
·       Have a member area, if your product is an online course;
·   Allow you to have affiliates that promote your product and increase your sales;
·       Have a support team for your customers;
·       Have responsive design (which works well on tablets and smartphones);
·       Have a sales funnel;
·       Submit reports so you can follow your progress.

All these benefits will allow you to not have to worry about the technical part of the business, just the creation of your product and sales.

And obviously, the ideal is to choose a free platform, with no addition rate or monthly payments. With Hotmart, for example, you only pay a percentage of the value of your product when you make a sale.

7. Promote your product and demonstrate authority

The most important element to sell online is, without a doubt, to conquer your future customers.

For that, you need, mainly, to build trust. People have to see you as someone they can count on, as someone who can and wants to help them transparently.

And, for that, you need to offer quality content.

Next, we select some online tools that you can use to spread your content and promote your product. Ideally, you should use a large part of them or, preferably, all of them.

The blog is the indispensable channel number 1 for those who want to build their audience, be in constant contact with their audience and demonstrate authority. Some advantages of this tool are the following:

It helps you improve your positioning in Google in an organic way.

There is no space limit for your content: you can write how much you want.
You can interact with your audience in the comments section.

You can put different types of content: texts, videos, infographics, surveys and much more.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world today, with 2.6 billion users. That means that, probably, your future clients are in the network. Some advantages of this tool are the following:

It is a dynamic social network, very connected to today and very attractive to users.

You can create paid campaigns aimed specifically at your audience (and measure your results!).

You can interact in real time, using Facebook Lives, for example.

It is a very important channel to disseminate your blog contents.

Before creating your page, stay tuned and avoid making the most common mistakes on Facebook.

Instagram is another very popular social network, which already has more than one billion users. 
The big difference in relation to the other networks is that their approach is more visual, with highlights for photos and videos.

The stories (or "stories"), which are photos or videos that disappear in 24 hours, are good ways to get the attention of the public.

If you work with the gastronomy niche, for example, an excellent idea is to publish small videos of a recipe, images of the dishes you have prepared, stories with interesting tips ... The sky is the limit!

If you are a beginner, learn how to sell on Instagram.

Sales page
The sales page is your window for both buyers and affiliates (if you want other people to spread your products and help you sell more).

Undoubtedly, the quality of that website will have a great impact on your credibility and level of authority. Therefore, it is necessary that you consider the following:

Your sales page must have a description of the product and its advantages, information about you and a striking video. 
In addition, you must include other information, such as disclaimer, contact and payment methods.

The layout is very important, since it is the first thing that the client sees when entering your page. Worry about the visual aspect, such as colors, font size and content organization.

Check the texts and be sure that the grammar and spelling is in order. But the most important of all is to take care of your copywriting: make sure your texts are attractive and will make readers want to buy your product.

Tip: having your own domain is a good idea to make your page sound more reliable for your audience.

E-mail marketing
Email marketing is extremely important for you to build a committed audience and identify with your brand.

This is probably the marketing tool with the best cost benefit ratio.

The good thing about e-mail is that it arrives directly at your customer's email inbox, which increases the chances of the message being read.

In addition, if you send segmented email campaigns, you will be able to address your audience in a personalized way, according to the needs of each person.

If you still don't use that strategy, understand how to use e-mail marketing to sell online.

Tip: use testimonials from people who are already your customers so that your audience relies more on your work.

Sales video

The sales video is also an excellent option to prove your authority, present your product and call people to make the purchase.

Paid advertising
Paid advertising is also an excellent option to spread your brand and your products.
Its great advantage is that the results come in the short term, since when you start paying for ads the results are practically instantaneous (as long as you use a good strategy, of course).

 The best options for advertising are Google, Facebook and Instagram.

On Google, you can make ads to appear in the first results when a user searches for a keyword related to your segment, as in the following example:

In addition, you can make other types of ads, such as the display network, which are images that appear on other websites.

Social media ads are also a very good idea, mainly because it is possible to segment them according to the people you want to be impacted by them.

For example, if you have an online course for mothers, you can segment your ads only for women and, better than that, for women who have interacted with maternity pages. Great, right?

8. Final tips

Throughout this post, our goal was to give you an overview on how to sell online. But don't go yet! Before you close this window and start planning your business, we have some last important tips:

Make sure your business is as automatic as possible. Use a platform that does all the technical part so you don't have to waste time with bureaucratic activities and so you can focus on what matters most: your sales.

Find a business that is scalable and can continue to grow without you having to increase your efforts. That way, you can be increasingly successful.

Measure your results constantly and analyze what is going well and what can be improved. Perfect your product whenever possible!

Seek to understand your customers and listen to what they have to say. They are the most important piece of your business.

Do your job with a lot of passion: if you do what you like, we are sure that you will be happy in your day to day.

If you got here, you probably want to start selling online, right?
Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about this text. We will love to hear from you!


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