How much is the cost of creating a website?

Well with this article we intend to show you the costs of owning a website; this is a very common question that comes to our email, many webmaster asking us how much it costs to have a website.
This shows that there are many people who although they are learning to create a website do not have a general idea of ​​the investments they should make.

How much is the cost of creating a website?
How much is the cost of creating a website?

T This article is therefore aimed at anyone who wishes to make a website, and is starting in this wonderful world of web page creation. Then let's start.

How much does it really cost of creating a website?

The costs of a web page, when you are doing it yourself are actually very few and it is very economical. The three basic costs of a website are: first the domain, second the hosting or web hosting, third the software with which you will make your website and fourth the advertising to attract visitors to your website, the latter is an optional cost. We detail each of them below.

Cost for Domain name

In the creation of your website one of the bases must be your domain name, there is simply no other option, you must buy your domain name, if your project is serious. Domains are paid annually, so it is not such a strong investment; A domain should not cost more than $ 15 per year. In some web hosting companies domain names are very cheap, they cost only $ 12 a year, however hostinger is made it cheaper to $8.9. You can follow the link and get yourself a good domain dot com at hostinger

Since a domain name is a necessity for the health and survival of your website. External expenses such as advertising, or design costs, can be forgotten, but the domain name is mandatory; The golden rule is not to start a website unless you have a domain name for it. Websites that do not have a domain name, are because they are hosted on free web servers, one of the worst mistakes you can make is to use one of these free services, Why?, well there are many factors but one of the most important is that when you have your website on a free server, your domain name usually looks like this, so is the domain name of the free hosting server, this so they advertise their services. In addition many of these free servers, seeing that your page is very popular, that is to say that your page receives a lot of traffic, is often visited, they send you an e-mail telling you that now you must pay for the services, and they can put the price that they like it, since you don't want to lose your website, they can charge you an extraordinary amount, and you have nothing left to pay or cancel your bills. So having a web page on a free server is a very bad idea (in other articles we publish a complete review about free hosting services).

Cost for Web hosting 

If you want to have a formal website, you definitely need to have a web hosting service. Now the cost of web hosting will change depending on the size of your project. You should keep in mind that web hosting is a monthly cost, that is, you should place it in your monthly budget as opposed to the domain cost.
Hosting prices (web hosting), vary depending on the company with which you buy it, nowadays if your project is small, or it is a personal project or just a blog, you should not pay more than $ 15.00 per month for the hosting service. Some good web hosting companies like hostinger offer hosting services for as low as $0.99 or less per month with free domain, imagine how cheap your website would be compared to other companies. You can check out their offer through our affiliate link, we will get tipped but you won't be charged extra. Please support us.
Hostinger offers as low as $0.99 per month for web hosting with free domain
Hostinger offers as low as $0.99 per month for web hosting with free domain

Now if your website starts to need more space, you can update your hosting plan with you web hosting company at any time, you can get 20GB of space for your files for about $ 0.99 per month with Hostinger. You can visit their hosting plans to know which of them suits your website project.
You can use a free service for your website, but another problem with free web hosting is that they put an ad on your website without asking you for any permission. Since you are not paying them, they can place advertising, in some cases even pornographic, on your website. That way they earn money by advertising. If you want to create a business on the internet, or want to get money through your website, you should not use a free service to host your website.

Cost for software to Create Website

The software, is the program with which you are going to create your website, today, there are so many software with which we can create our website, the amount of programs that we can find online is impressive, we can choose the one that most suits our needs, how big and sophisticated our online project will be.

Prices can vary from paying $ 0.00 to paying $ 450.00 or even more. Unlike free web hosting, free web design software is highly recommended, and here I want to clarify it, and there are two types of software that you can use, one that is installed on your computer, and another that It is installed on the server you are using, we will detail the two below.

The web design programs that are installed on your computer, are already known and very famous, programs such as webpagemaker, dreamweaver, webstudio, and among many more, there is a particular program that is very good and is free is called kompozer, the program It is freely distributed and you can find it online. And with these programs there really isn't much to say, since you probably already have one or are starting to use one. Basically you create your entire web page on your computer using these programs and then upload all your files to your server using an ftp program that connects to your server.

The programs that are installed on your website hosting server are called Content Managers, but we can also call them by their acronym CMS (Content Management System), I must tell you that these programs are many times even better than using a desktop program. In fact, we recommend using a CMS before using any other common web design program. And, what is a CMS itself? Well, a CMS allows anyone, be it a beginner or a great web designer and programmer, to have a website that does certain things that would be impossible to do without advanced programming skills, php, mysql and among others.

With a CMS, anyone can create a spectacular website without the need to know programming, if you want, for example, to create a website where users can register, it would take them a long time to do them with a program like dreamweaver, but using a CMS You can do it in less than 5 minutes. Many applications are already created and all you have to do is install them, the large number of functions that you can integrate into your website using a CMS is amazing, you can have a website, where you sell products either electronic or Physical, without worrying about the security of transactions or downloads, you could integrate a forum, you could create a website like youtube, you can even create your own social network with this type of programs, and you don't need to know anything about programming and it also costs you nothing to create the website.

There are many content management system programs today. Although in the previous years they were expensive but now you can download any of them for free. The best are three, the best of all is WordPress, then Joomla, and then Dupral.
Now there is something very important when you use these types of programs, and it is that you need to have a paid hosting service, why? Well, most free hosting services do not meet all the requirements to install these programs and work optimally. Web hosting services are optimized for you to use these programs in full, they will help you to install it completely for free.

Cost for Advertising Website

If you want to sell products through your website, you will most likely want to create advertising campaigns to attract public to your website. There are many ways to advertise for your website, through television, newspapers, radio, flyers, etc ... Because the costs of these campaigns vary between countries you should do your own research.

Another way to advertise is through the internet. Through the internet you will be able to buy advertising campaigns, in different designs and prices, there is for example, advertising through banners which we don't advise you to use in any case, through affiliates, you can also buy search results and among many other types of advertising.
These are the major things that cost money when creating a website: domain name, hosting, CMS and advertising. If there are other things that you think it's important while creating a website; comment!


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