Characteristics of the successful seller

The trade of a seller is one of the most difficult and important within a commercial company. For many, the sale is considered an art. Therefore, here we present a series of rules that every sales team must follow to achieve optimal results.
Characteristics of the successful seller Characteristics of the successful seller

Characteristics of the successful seller

The work of the seller is possibly one of the oldest trades that exist, but not for that reason it is one of the most evolved and valued. 
However, the art of sales is a profession that lacks expiration, that is, at any age you can be a good sales professional.

For companies, it is vital to recognize that in order to be truly competitive and strategically position themselves in their market it is necessary to have a good sales team, because in the end the seller is the best ally on the road to success.

In this relationship, there are certain points that the company must instill as commandments to all its vendors to ensure that their work is successful. Here are the 15 most essential rules:

1.     The seller must know how to communicate his product, his company and his know-how, since it is the key to success.

2.     It is essential that you know how to listen and know the real needs of the client.

3.     The seller must treat customers as if they were business partners

4.     Be aware that a loyal customer accepts pricing policy better and acts as the best disseminator of the company.

5.     Know the customers. Only then can you influence it and even control it.

6.     The seller must know how to convert customer problems into business opportunities, providing solutions.

7.     Worry about knowing how to provide a positive image of both the company and its “know-how”.

8.     There are two things that the seller cannot do: doubt and remain silent. If you advise, you should always have answers.

9.     Knowledge of the competition: find out how, what and at what price others sell. You can even use it as a sales pitch.

10.            Sales strategy. Be clear about the business line that you want to follow as well as the pricing policy that you want to adopt.

11.            Know widely the product or service that sells. The deeper, the better. Only then will you be prepared to answer all kinds of questions.

12.            Know how to apologize. The client may not always be right, but when something goes wrong, the best alternative is to apologize.

13.            Think of “winning a customer” for the company, rather than just selling.

14.            Remember that a well-attended customer usually becomes a billing customer.

15.            A good seller has an ethical dimension. He does not promise without being sure.
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