7 Best Web Hosting Services & 3 to avoid for websites in 2019

7 Best Web Hosting Services & 3 to avoid for websites in 2020, 7 Best Web Hosting Services & 3 to avoid for websites in 2020
7 Best Web Hosting Services & 3 to avoid for websites in 2019
Something that readers constantly ask me is to publish a list of the top best web hosting companies in the world and also worst web hosting services to avoid. Honestly, it is a fairly complex task, but I have given myself the time to complete it and publish it in this article.

The 7 best web hosting companies in the world 2019. 

This time we reviewed the best web hosting providers on the planet this 2019. The comparison is made by evaluating various factors such as reliability, price, customer service, technical characteristics, control panel, ease of use and the so-called time of activity of the web hosting server (time interval in which the server has been continuously on and functioning correctly).

The classified sites were evaluated and tested by tukwaweb with remarkable experience in the web hosting industry. In this case, our team members created multiple hosting accounts with each web hosting provider. Therefore, this would be a summary of real experiences of people who do know about web hosting.

Looking for the 7 best web hosting companies in the world this 2019

A common mistake when searching for a web space provider for your site is to activate the most affordable hosting offers. This is not highly recommended, since many of the low cost hosting providers apply an oversold. The overselling is to sell more resources than are actually available on the server. Therefore, a website can have long loading times, as well as low quality technical support.

So, following the advice of our experts, you can get an idea and choose a good web host. This site is said to have helped more than 28,500 website owners find the best solution for their low cost and affordable web hosting needs, but also reliable, feature-rich and with excellent quality support.

Reading the personal judgments of experts is one of the best ways to get an objective opinion on a topic. When our money is at stake, I would say that it is almost mandatory to be well informed, especially if we want to avoid scams.

How do we prepare the ranking?

Evaluating a hosting is not easy, so we have taken several specific characteristics as a reference to elaborate the ranking:


This is not the main factor, but it is certainly decisive. Quality hosting should also be economical, otherwise it is not useful for the average customer.


The best hosts are always active and never have long periods of inactivity or crashes. For this reason, we have chosen the suppliers that guarantee a higher than average availability percentage.


SSD technology is now standard, but some hosting companies still use old hard drives. In the ranking, of course, you will only find web hosting that uses solid state drives


The era in which hosting works with limited bandwidth is over. Most hosting sites in our ranking have no bandwidth limits.


Modern needs always require large spaces, which is why we have placed emphasis on the accommodation offered by several gigabytes even in their most basic plans.

Technical assistance

If there is a technical problem, it is absurd to have to wait hours or days. Customer service should be fast and, if possible, active 24 hours a day.

Server location

The more, the better. The most efficient hosts have servers in different parts of the world. On some occasions, these servers are also located in the country.

CMS support

If you need to install a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, it is convenient to take advantage of the so-called "one-click installation". That is, good web hosting should facilitate the automatic installation of the CMS we need.

2019 ranking of the 7 best hosting providers in the world

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is a company that has data centers strategically located in various countries on all continents. This allows the loading speed of websites hosted on your servers to be visibly faster than average. The cost of the service is quite economical for everything it offers and complies. If you are looking for a good hosting service, then you can contract with Hostinger.

2. Bluehost

BlueHost is one of the web hosting providers with a good advertising team. It is particularly suitable for blogs, since just like Hostinger it includes a one-click installation package. Although the price is a bit higher, it is a quality web hosting option that we cannot leave out.

3. HostGator

HostGator provides shared hosting, cloud, VPS, dedicated specific services and specific plans for certain CMS. It is very suitable for beginner administrators who want to create their own sites taking advantage of website creators. They also offer customizable plans that can raise the price of web hosting by a few tens of dollars a month. Something we do not like about this provider is that they are not very transparent in their prices. They don't scam you, but they don't tell you everything.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is known for being a company that offers a quality hosting service. In addition, it offers many useful features added for free. Beginner users may be comfortable with DreamHost, but if your project is a bit more serious, there are still options like Hostinger. Some time ago I had my websites hosted with them, but the need for better resources led me to hostinger.

5. Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers different hosting services for clients of all types. In addition, they also offer preinstalled scripts and various site hosting tools that make life easier for webmasters. This company has an ecological facility where its data center operates. 

6. SiteGround

SiteGround was founded in 2004 by a group of classmates in a university. However, this service has grown rapidly to become one of the leading hosting providers. Today SiteGround is one of the most recommended companies in the industry. They offer different accommodation plans, including special discounts and also have offices in different parts of the world. Like other large suppliers, they have good customer service.

7. 1and1

Founded more than 30 years ago and with a past and present not so clear. It is perhaps the most controversial provider on the list, therefore, I can only recommend it to those who really have knowledge about web hosting. Not being so clear in their services, they often generate problems among their users. Finally it is listed because it is one of the hosting providers with the largest number of users.

The 3 worst hosting providers

If we think that hosting is the stone that will sustain our web project or even more the entire digital business structure, it is clear that we must avoid crossing with the providers that have the worst service and that could affect our operations. The reasons for a poor quality service are many, from lack of trained technical service to ignorance of issues such as MX records, etc.

This list of suppliers is oriented towards the experience of the world market, where the growth of electronic commerce grows and grows steadily for several years. Then the five worst hosting providers (of the big ones) according to the public, specialized criticism and experience, the same that fills our heads with gray hair.

Abansys and Hostytec SL 

This Valencian company fails in the service delivered on Windows or Linux servers and also has an unclear pricing policy. They can charge 30 euros to change the registrar of a domain, nor do they have automated issues of changes for domains, etc. The public on Google gives them a grade of 1.7 out of 5.

Note:  Rating: 1.5


Another company that exploits Cloud computing, but just like others, problems explode on a daily basis. User experiences with dedicated servers is fatal. The basic plans do not have good technical service and any “extra” will be charged easily. Although there are no complaints about the speed of the servers, they are not above average or by any means. The online technical service is of low quality, they do not solve the incidents unless you contact 4 or 5 times.
Note:  Rating: 2.5


They have very competitive prices, that is, low prices, as well as the after sales, technical and online service they offer. They are the dumb arm of Arsys, since they belong to the same company as Arsys and 1and1, in concrete terms, same base equal to same problems. Failures with their servers are constant and sometimes they do not answer service tickets.

Note:  Rating: 2.0


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