What do marketing and advertising agencies need in a digital environment?

Last week I attended an event; where they talked about the professionalization of digital marketing and advertising agencies. It was a very enriching forum in which we talked about the challenges and opportunities of companies (clients) for marketing and advertising agencies in a digital environment.
No doubt the marketing industry has evolved dramatically and therefore the marketing and advertising agencies must evolve on a par, that is often not possible simply because it is so fast that they cannot adapt in such a short time.
marketing and advertising agencies need in a digital environment
marketing and advertising agencies need in a digital environment

However, there were several points in common to those responsible for marketing departments in companies that need the services of the agencies, which I thought was relevant to share with you.
Many times to sell the services we offer many new trends and measurement tools without first reviewing the business objectives. As well as services that often make no sense with our market.
In this sense it is very important to align the platforms and formats to the business objectives and strategies.

1. - Define the digital marketing problem.

What is the problem that the company or brand faces? You need to know the of the companies digital marketing problem so that you can solve.

2. - Business objectives and brand in digital marketing

Brand building, retention and loyalty, social responsibility...

3. - Strategy

What to do to solve the problem or the opportunity? Define a general plan that moves the organization / brand with a long-term vision.

4. - Creativity

Guiding concept, creative platform, digital value, interactivity and personalization + use of data / technology and content.

5. - Results in digital advertisment. 

Measurement of KPIs (key performance indicators) versus the business objective or brand raised.
Many times not so many metrics are needed to solve a problem and sometimes we get lost in the subject of many metrics that do not make sense and become very complex to be measured.
What else does marketing and advertising agencies need in this digital environment?

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