How to monetize your blog without dying in the attempt

How to monetize your blog without dying in the attempt
How to monetize your blog/website without dying in the attempt

Now that you know the reason for this post, I want to share the following structure: Why monetize your blog or website? How to make money with your website or blog. What blogs can or should monetize ?, When is the best time to start profiting a blog ?, How to monetize a blog? best practices and their pros and cons.

Why monetize a blog or website?

  • Because maintaining a good blog can be expensive. In the case of this blog, I was with an intermediate hosting for 1 year, until my readers got hooked on the templates and I dropped the blog daily. It was clear that I could not continue like this, so I had to migrate to a more professional solution in Bluehost. There are also other expenses, such as:
    • Annual domain purchase
    • Purchase of plugins for the blog (in this blog, in particular, there are about 4 paid plugins)
    • Images, illustrations, and photography (the images in this blog are from bought and for many, they may seem expensive: 25 daily images for six months cost more or less € 1000)
  • Because the management of a blog involves hours and hours on the part of the blogger: training, curation, writing and promotion of content, steps that seem easy but in reality they are not.
  • Because behind every great blog there is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who deserve to earn extra income for their work.
  • Because life is a WIN-WIN if some win by accessing unpublished and quality content, the one who generates them deserves some compensation for the effort to always give their best.
  • Because you are not a tool or company that can pay content creators. For example, in blogs like KissMetric, Hubspot and BufferApp they offer you quality content in exchange for leaving your personal data for them then selling you their tool. In a personal brand blog, this does not exist.
  • Because you have to pay for external resources or services to continue offering interesting content on your blog.

What blogs can be monetized?

Any blog that wants to earn income can choose to monetize his blog, but attention:  monetizing is not just Google Adsense, monetizing also includes agreements and advertising with brands.

When is the best time to start profiting a blog?

The best time to start making a blog profitable is when your blog has reached a peak and has been there for a long time. If you have achieved that your blog reaches an X amount of monthly visits and there is no decrease, it is the ideal time to start doing actions with brands.
It is clear that you can start to make your blog profitable from the first day, but let's face it. Who are you going to sell advertising to if you hardly have traffic?
So if I had to get the symptoms to start making a blog profitable I would say they are the following:
  • Have good traffic on your blog, for example between 30,000 and 50,000 visits per month
  • Having regular and loyal readers on your blog, it is very important that you have public for any promotional or advertising action you do on your blog.
  • Have a content calendar that ensures a certain frequency of publications
  • Good search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Having a blog that shows love and passion in all its contents, but above all, that is a useful blog for most readers

How can you monetize a blog?

Then I will share different ways to monetize a blog, dividing those that generate income, those that save expenses and those that get things that are not material.

Ways to generate income

  • Google Adsense, is the most common way to generate revenue in a blog. It is clear that the more visits you have the greater the income. But beware, a personal blog will not get rich with this type of advertising.
  • InfoLinks - is a system that allows you to insert advertising links in some keywords
  • Sale of products
    • Training courses
    • Events
    • Webinars
  • Paid content - you can use tools like Propeller Ads to sell your products.
    • Templates
    • Whitepapers
    • E-Books
    • Podcast
  • Advertising banners, usually put in several places of the blog:
    • On the sidebar (on the right-hand side of the news)
    • In the home, above the menu, mixed in the content and at the end of the home
  • Section sponsorships, some brands may be interested in sponsoring a certain space of your blog, for example, Kubide could perfectly sponsor the technology and entrepreneurship space of my blog, Bloonder could sponsor all the news of contests and sweepstakes because it is a tool to that.
  • Consulting sales, there are many professionals who offer their services for low-cost prices
  • Sponsored posts - agreements between brands and bloggers, the brand offers an exchange of products or services or the payment of a certain price in exchange for the blogger writing about your brand. In many blogs, you will see messages such as sponsored post. Fashion bloggers use this format a lot and are the best paid in the market for these types of actions. For example, she can easily charge € 400 for hosting a brand contest on her blogs. They know they have the capacity to call for hundreds of participations. Not counting the exposure it generates for the brand to keep a fixed post forever on the network 😉
  • Exclusive content with the freemium model, readers pay a fixed monthly or access to be able to consume a unique and exclusive content.
  • Agreements with advertising platforms for bloggers such as E-Buzzing, Adlemons, Bloguzz 
  • Conferences, presentations or training, it is no secret that after having a blog, institutions contact you to offer talks
  • Generate a pack for brands, these usually consist of writing a post or posting a banner on blog + mentions on social networks. This ensures that your message arrives yes or yes.
  • Electronic commerce - if you understand that you can have to sell, throw yourself and try it 😉
  • Sell ​​your blog, there are companies that prefer to buy an already consolidated blog. I also assure you that there are people who create blogs with anonymous authors and then sell them to brands.

Ways to save expenses

This means that agreements are reached in which there is no money involved.
  • Agreements to provide visual content on your blog, for example, an agreement with an image bank like ShutterStock, at no time is there a monetary agreement, only a contract that specifies how each party wins. If you look at some blogs from now on you will see:
    • Photo courtesy of
    • Picture of
    • Photo rights
  • Agreements to host your blog with a hosting. These agreements usually host the blog without costs in exchange for advertising: banners, sponsored posts, mentions, etc ...

Other ways to win

  • Quality content in exchange for a barter, some examples:
    • Content in exchange for social actions (Follow, tweet, Like),
    • Content in exchange for personal information: it is very common in blogs like Hubspot they let you download quality content in exchange for you leaving your personal data: name, company, position, etc ... Then they do the conversion and everyone who downloads some ends Buying their products.

Best practices to monetize your blog

  • Do not abuse, it is important that your readers do not feel saturated with advertising on your blog, because the time may come when your advertising distracts the reading. The content of your blog will always come first, advertising revenue must be somewhat secondary, and otherwise, in the long run, you can lose the quality of your blog and get many readers to go to other places with less intrusive advertising or without advertising.
  • Try not to have several ads one after the other, it is a bit of saturation for the reader. Before implementing monetization strategies in your blog, put yourself in the place of your readers. Even if you can, ask what that method would look like to you, and that's how you get feedback.
  • The process of monetizing a blog must be taken seriously, it implies management to which time and many times resources must be dedicated.
  • Try also to make agreements, these I particularly love, I stop paying things that are usually expensive in exchange for collaboration.
  • If you are going to make sponsored posts I recommend you create a guide that serves both you and the brand you are interested in, all the agreements are clear in this document.
  • Do not make agreements with brands that do not fit your blog
  • Never make a sponsored post for a brand you don't like, it will be noticed in the text
  • Never make a copy-paste of a press release to charge for a sponsored post, your readers deserve the best, not a copy-paste.
  • If you are going to sell advertising in banner format, I recommend you create a short presentation that includes figures from your blog and the prices you are going to charge.
  • Don't take any step into the world of monetizing if you don't feel totally safe; =)
Finally, to conclude with this guide on how to monetize a blog I want to comment on my new hosting promotional link. With 30% off, you can buy your hosting serves through my link and I will get a small tip.


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