How to Earn money online as a freelancer

More and more professionals are betting on freelance work with the intention of positioning themselves in this new labor market and earn or make more money.
Making money online as an independent worker is one of the golden dreams of many people, but it has been believed to be the panacea for financial freedom that requires no effort. Nothing could be further from the truth.
To work independently requires even greater discipline than in an 8-hour job in a company, since it requires organization, method and vision. This is the only effective and long-range way to earn money online as a freelance worker.
Currently there are as many alternatives to work online from home as there are skills and knowledge. This new modality requires a series of practices that will allow people to perform tasks efficiently.
How to make and earn money online as a freelancer while freelancing

How to Earn money online as a freelancer

First steps to make money online at home as a freelancer

Freelancing or any type of independent work is about generating money from skills, talents and knowledge, which requires a lot of commitment to yourself based on a clear goal that you want to reach. Independent workers must ask themselves how much they are willing to change or improve to achieve those goals.
As each freelancer is his or her own boss, they will be the ones to manage their time, the income received will depend on how they manage their time and how many clients they can manage simultaneously in order to generate a stable income.
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A Freelancer is his own boss and as such should behave like one.

"To work independently requires even greater discipline than in an 8-hour job at a company"
There is a sense of freedom experienced by those who begin their life as a freelance worker, because they assume that this independence means absolute freedom to do nothing or to do things only when they want to do them.
To make money online as a self-employed person, the first thing to do is stop assuming the freedom to not 'have bosses', as a freedom not to act.
Being an independent worker is the perfect opportunity to grow in autonomy, put into practice skills, knowledge and set high but real goals that a conventional job may not allow to execute.
The freelancers must understand that the freedom associated with this labor flexibility must be understood as an ally of success, which goes hand in hand with constant and organized work. If a balance between both aspects is achieved, success will be achieved.

Freelancing Job online

If I confess something, having a job on your own is absolutely great. You work whenever you want, with clients that are worthwhile and generate your own income. Sometimes you earn much more than a normal job can offer you.
As we are so used to being told what to do, being independent can sound confusing or even a little scary.
My mission in this blog is to help you have a great life that matters, and for me like most of you, that means creating your own path.
After knowing what your main problems are when you want to start working independently, these weeks I will dedicate myself to writing a complete guide to create an independent business that will generate freedom, taking advantage of the opportunities we have today thanks to the internet.
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How to create your independence and start earning cash

We live in an era of independence that never before had the ease of forging our own path like what we currently live.
The opportunities are almost unlimited. And it is not a trend or something temporary, it is the revolution of the new millennium. It is a new way of life and we are just beginning.
That is why I have the confidence of being able to show you the bases to create a job that allows you freedom to do what you like and make money from it, and that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

The finances

If you are leaving your job for a freelance job, you have to be sure that you have enough to stay financially stable while you grow your small business.
So the most feasible thing would be to save to bear at least six months of basic expenses. You need a mattress to not worry about money, because the lack of it can drastically affect your performance as an independent freelancer.
It also reduces unnecessary expenses. Rent a small place or rent part of your house. Sell what you do not need and avoid purchases that do not give you utility.
If you think you will need more money while you become independent, do not hesitate to take a part-time job that gives you enough free time to use it in your projects.

The true approach to generating income as a freelancer

The most important and decisive act is about generating your first income, be it your first 100 or 500 dollars. So at the beginning avoid wasting time on:
         Brand design
         Business cards
         Complicated strategies
It is important that these tasks do not distract you from the main focus. Since the first time you generate tangible money as an independent freelancer, is when everything will become more realistic.
Not only do you see it as a dream but you will now have the necessary momentum to recognize that you are really in the process of making your new job a reality.
Once these points are clarified, I would like to show you the most basic things you need to know (and be clear) if you are determined to start making money online as a freelancer.

1. Find your reason to be freelancer

Sincerely discover why you want to start working on your own and be a freelancer. What is the first thing that attracts you to try this lifestyle?
If you are already working in a normal job, what do you not like? What would you do differently if you were independent? Is it why you are looking for more freedom?
Take enough time to find that reason why you are looking for your own job. That reason will give you enough energy to start and will help you a lot when difficult situations come on this exciting journey.

2. Give yourself permission

No one but you can act to achieve your goals. Instead of seeking permission from your family, friends or mentors, you need to recognize what you are capable of on your own.
You will get all kinds of fears, from what others will say or to uncertainty, but no matter how you look for an external solution, mastering these doubts is only within you.
The truth is that you will never know if freelancing work is for you.
There is something so great in the simple act of taking action on what you are afraid of; discover what you are passionate about and what not, you know your limits and learn things that you would not discover even when you have read more than 50 blogs.

3. Identify a skill

After surpassing mental attitudes, the most important thing comes: your work, art, design, project, product, service or what you want to call it.
It's about discovering what you can offer others who can buy. What can you create that is attractive and desirable?
Instead of getting distracted by technical things at the beginning, ask yourself questions like:
         What are you good at?
         What could you teach others?
         What valuable skills do you have?
Obviously I will suggest that you go for something that you are passionate about, but you can start with an experience that you already have, that is profitable.
All you need is a skill that others are willing to pay for, get or learn.
Remember that we are always at a higher level than someone else, that opportunity can be used to offer a service to another person.

4. Start selling

Whatever you can offer, you need to put your service for sale. Today the options are quite a lot and these are some of the ways:
         Offer your service (example: design)
         Create a physical product (example: crafts)
         Create an instructional ebook
         Do coaching
         Make an online membership
         Create an application
         Offer workshops or direct classes
         Use affiliate marketing
Since you find a way to offer direct value to a group of interested people, simply join a freelancing platform like upwork, fiverr guru… or you can open a web page to show your project with its services.
You can learn to create a web page yourself. But if it's going to take you a long time, you can consider hiring someone to take care of what you really know.
There are also a lot of online sites where you can display your products without the need of your own site like (for online stores), (for crafts), (for artists), ( for freelancers), to of last resort.
The first payment you receive will be like a spring of glory. Even if they only paid you a dollar. But that well received dollar will give you enough confidence to move on.

5. Do marketing

Opening a web page does not mean that you will immediately have customers begging for your services. It's the same as opening a physical store without any publicity ... only the flies will enter.
That is why it is necessary to make yourself known. You can start by telling your neighbors what they are undertaking (even if they see you as a madman without future), always showing ahead the value of your services. The word of mouth recommendation will always be a valuable tool.
Then open your profile on the social networks where your potential customers are. If your case needs Facebook, it would be a good idea to pay a little for advertising at the beginning.

6. Network

The labor relations you create will be a fundamental piece in the progress of your work. Connect and make genuine friendships with people who are in the same field with you, even when they are "competitors"
Write an email to who shares your ideals, who you admire or with whom you would like to work. Share an article of someone, give a retweet or make a comment on a blogger's site.
The important thing is that you start to make a little hole and presence in the huge social network that we have today.
And when you find people who are on the same level as you, it would be very helpful to create a mastermind, that is, a group of people with whom you keep accounts and progress of their work.

7. Improve your product

If you don't worry about improving the quality of your product, marketing won't help and customers won't be knocking on your door desperately.
You must listen constantly to your clients and adapt your project according to their needs. The service you are going to offer will always go through all the interactions you have with your audience.

It's time to work on your own

So there you have it, from now on all you have to do is enjoy your work, your clients and the freedom you have.
Since you see a steady income, over time you can worry about complex tasks such as managing taxes, automating systems, creating branding, among other things.
Your first steps to create your work simply consist of taking action and slowly forging what you can offer the world.
Don't forget: find a reason why you really want freedom, leave fears behind and give yourself permission to achieve your goals.
Create anything and put it in front of potential customers. If you think you are good at design, offer your branding services. If you are good at something artistic, create a store quickly. If you want to write, open a blog and send it to your friends.
Then connect with people who are in tune with you and look for your potential clients in every possible way, whether on the networks or knocking on doors.
Try many things until you find at least two things that are profitable and that you are passionate about. Turn them into something of value and you can also create your independent work and make money from freelancing.

Five mistakes that prevent you from making money on the Internet

  • Dispose of the alarm clock in the trash can and deactivate the mobile alarm: time management is a primary practice to be able to perform and meet the deadlines of customers.
  • Spend all day in front of the computer: freelancers must take care of themselves. There is a tendency to work more and rest less to earn more money online, however this medium-term practice will generate physical and mental exhaustion, which is why it is recommended to implement active breaks in working hours from home.
  • Work in pajamas: personal care is a fundamental aspect for freelancers. Although there is no need to dress in a certain way for bosses, colleagues or clients, you must create the habit of dressing for yourself. Although it sounds trite is a reality, independent work is a matter of discipline, in all aspects.
  • Work between the blankets: Unless workers find themselves with health problems, working from bed will promote laziness and also bring negative health consequences associated with poor work posture. Avoid contributing to a sedentary lifestyle and taking care of health.
  • Eating poorly and at the end of the day: working as a freelancer should not be a neglect of eating habits or the quality of nutrition, these aspects should be handled in the same way as in a dependent job.
The freelancers must correctly manage every aspect of their lives, and not mix the labor with the personal or social, since in this way they can hardly earn money on the Internet as a full, responsible and organized independent worker. These are some of the bad practices of independent workers:
         Attending friends while working.
         Work while preparing breakfast.
         Eat while working.
         Go for a walk while attending a client via chat.

The aspects that every independent worker/freelancer must take care of

There are many lies and illusions that have formed around the concept of freelance work that is why it is important to clearly define what the objectives are and what goals you want to achieve.
In this way, people can set a course that guides them to the achievement of their dreams without having to sacrifice the most valuable thing that any independent worker needs to have to achieve success: health, both physical, mental and emotional.

  • Punctuality: it is advisable to get up at the same time every day, executing a previously established program of activities.
  • Planning: an agenda must be scheduled that includes work and personal issues, also incorporating the social. Workers must respect their own pacts and comply with them.
  • Food: It should be eaten at established or customary hours. If people do not take care of themselves, they will weaken their system and will not be able to meet the deadlines established with customers.
  • Personal presentation: it is recommended that freelance workers create the routine of getting up every morning and dressing 'as if to be seen'. Although there is no obligation to wear a tie and heels to go to the office, work from home must be addressed as a work activity that also requires a good personal presentation.
  • Rest: people must program and respect the leisure and rest times established during their days.
  • Home visits: clients should not be served or work done while there are home visits, it should be clear that the social and labor part should not be mixed, planning the working hours according to this.
  • Workplace: it is advisable to reserve a pleasant place, which is far from noise and distractions, which in turn is comfortable and illuminated for work. A good table, an ergonomic mouse and a suitable chair will make every day a pleasant experience.
Succeeding is not just earning more money online, just as having talent is not a guarantee for success. The success acquired is directly proportional to the constancy, discipline and dedication with which the chosen activities are carried out. Please leave a comment on how feel about this post. Thanks


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