Digital marketing: keys to recover the trust of users and advertisers

The German Association of Advertisers (OWM) has developed a catalog of requirements for its digital market partners. The concentration of the brand in attending to the interests of the user is fundamental in the face of continued dissatisfaction with digital advertising formats and data processing.
Digital marketing: keys to recover the trust of users and advertisers
Digital marketing: keys to recover the trust of users and advertisers

The OWM welcomes the fact that even international platforms, historically the largest collectors and evaluators of usage data in the digital ecosystem, have announced that they will collect less data and focus more on the interests of users, as reported by the Direct Marketing site
Confidence in online advertising and in the responsible treatment of personal data will be given only if the user himself and not, for example, a browser, has the power to decide on their data.
The advertiser's trust has been damaged by a multitude of data scandals and that is why the advertisers associated with the OWM (and the world, of course) want to recover the lost confidence and that is why they are asked to work in the following areas:
- Create a standardized consent formula.
- Establish a local login agreement in preparation for a new era of cookies, instead of competing with suppliers.
- Ensure full transparency of the value chain in digital communication, especially in programmatic advertising
- Develop and define uniform quality criteria for data providers.
- Allow independent measurement of digital KPIs by third parties with free choice of provider.
- Harmonize the measurement of video streaming.
- Provide a fully measurable video inventory using the VAST 4 standard.
- End advertising fraud for brand security.
The CEO of OWM, Joachim Schütz, said that “trust is an enormously important asset. It is necessary to restore confidence in the digital ecosystem to be able to jointly absorb the high dynamics and complexity of the market through a fair and reliable treatment between all. More efforts are needed to finally solve existing problems in the market."
According to the president of the German association of advertisers, Uwe Storch, "the digital ecosystem has the challenge of building trust in two directions: towards users and advertisers. By granting the user sovereignty over their data, the basis for its acceptance Advertisers face the challenge of avoiding annoying and disturbing advertising, which also increases market acceptance, and by ensuring transparency in the digital value chain and making the quality of the data verifiable in the interest of advertisers, a fair environment is created for all market players."


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