12 Platforms to create free blog or make a free Web page

Platforms to create free blog or make a free Web page
Platforms to create free blog or make a free Web page
Do you want to create a free blog or make a free website but do not know how and where? Quiet, it's very easy. Today, on the Internet we can find a lot of software or platforms that allow us to have a site for free and quickly and easily at the same time.
Having a blog is an increasingly important need for almost any professional, company or business. Since it is a great tool and facilitates us to carry out a Content Marketing strategy for our Brand.
At the same time, saying that having a Web page or owning a communication channel on the Internet is all the rage is obvious. Almost no one wants to miss the opportunity to have a place in the network where they can write about those most interesting topics for their business and thus cover the need to give voice to their brand

How to create a free blog or a free website?

As I have already mentioned, these are one of the most powerful communication channels, which will also enable us to humanize our brand and better connect with our target audience or potential customers.
Of course, all of the aforementioned also results in improved visibility on personal or corporate brand issues that they can provide. In short, they are an advantage that very few professionals or companies can miss.
So, considering principally of all those minute entrepreneurs that have just begun their commercial activity, today I would like us to see some software, tools or online platforms that will allow us to have a free place to generate informative content. But first, I want to answer a question:
Can I really create a free Web page? Is this a good option for my business?
Of course, you can… But, when talking about this topic, I don't want to stop emphasizing the competitive benefits that come from doing things in the most professional way… And that professionalism is not possible without investing time and money in the process.
Therefore, the best option should always be to acquire quality hosting and hire a designer to create our personal or commercial Web page, instead of opting for a simple free option. Although this, it should not always be taken as something negative.
We must always recognize that not all people or businesses need a professional website, there are certainly times when a free one can perfectly cover almost all your needs.

What kind of free website or blog can you create?

These are some types that you can do, depending on your needs, one or the other will suit you:
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Corporate or brand
  • eCommerce
Remember: it is very important to know first the characteristics and qualities of the site you need, to then choose the most suitable platform for your project. You might also like:Best Way to Creating a Company we
Where could I find a tool to create a free blog or a website?
Currently there are different hosting services (paid) that allow us to design a site with customizable and free design tools.
In the same way, there are also an important number of platforms that allow us to make a Web page or create a free blog. And after a while, go climbing to payment plans or make a copy of it and move to another paid accommodation, like the ones I will show you below:

Platforms to create a free blog or make a free website easily

1) SITE123

 SITE123.com is an interesting platform to create a free blog or a well-optimized Web page, both by design and even at the positioning level.
The design of your site on Site123 is done through an interface that is very simple, responsive, multifunctional and flexible. It is not necessary to have technical or code knowledge, nor is there any need to install any other type of complicated software to use, everything you are going to have to use is in its intuitive interface.

Site123 a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Site123 a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

Thus, Site123, being responsive, is compatible with any type of device and screen size, making it easier for any user to search and find items or businesses globally or locally.
In addition, if you need an uncommon and professional website with your personal domain, extensive pages, greater storage, and an excellent bandwidth offer a Pro plan focused on professionals such as photographers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs with a fairly competitive monthly price.
They have professional support 'real' 24/7, in addition to some really achieved features and designs.
In short, with this platform, you can publish a website in a matter of minutes, as far as you have a clear idea of what your business needs before beginning to create your free website.

2) WIX

WIX.com is one of the options for assembling modular sites predesigned in a modular way, most popular and important that you will find today.
WIX is one of the platforms to create free blogs that is currently growing worldwide.
It has a modern, attractive and compatible interface with the HTML language.
In addition, thanks to its intuitive WIX drag-and-drop editor system, you can easily design a more personalized site. It also has a comprehensive selection of templates in various categories to choose from.
Wix a platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites without charges
Wix: Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

With this platform you can easily design a free web page, a personal or professional blog and an online store.
Its free version has a limitation of 500 MB of storage space, a bandwidth of 1G, compatibility with Google Analytics and 24-hour customer service. Services that you can expand with its Premium version.

3) SiteW

SiteW.com is a fast and easy to use platform. It allows you to create a free Web page, a blog or a forum, without the need for technical knowledge, thanks to the drag-and-drop technique. Users have everything they need to do, modify, customize and publish their personal or commercial site.
It has a colorful, multifunctional and very intuitive interface that offers great flexibility.
SiteW a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
SiteW a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

Free blogs created with SiteW are responsive, meaning they are optimized for mobile devices. Its design is fully customizable, so you can create the one you like best.
SiteW also offers many tools to help Web positioning to optimize the visibility of sites in search engines.
It offers three subscription formulas (Starter, Premium and Pro) from SiteW that adapt to the needs of each type of project. The last two formulas offer additional options (Blog, Forum, Store, Widget, etc.), an unlimited number of pages, and a free domain name, interactive modules (Contact Form, Comments, Forum, Newsletter, and Online Store).

4) Webnode

Webnode.com is an ideal tool to create a blog for free and quickly (you can buy and use your own domain name or a subdomain without charge).
You have several tools that will help you have a better Internet presence.
Webnode: a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Webnode a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

It has a variety of content editing uses, your creativity will not be limited. And nothing will be left to chance, because you have a complete own analytics panel.
All cases have similar limitations, such as bandwidth of 1GB and storage space of 10 to 100 MB, which is a bit sparse.

5) Jimdo

Jimdo.com allows us to create a free blog with a storage capacity of less than 500 MB and a very friendly interface with any type of mobile device or computer (it also has a mobile application for Android and IOS).
Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Jimdo a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

This platform also provides us with the opportunity to make or create an online store, but with some limitations that you can improve in its two paid versions (from € 6.50 per year).
It is compatible with the HTML language. So if you have some basic knowledge on the subject, in Jimdo you can make small design modifications to your templates (or include custom widgets).

6) WordPress

If you are thinking of a platform that can give you very good benefits without cost, to which you can expand with some payment options or if you want to migrate to your own accommodation almost without problems, your main choice should perhaps be WordPress.com.
Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

The free platform owned by the company Automattic (WP.com), is one of the best ways to create a Web page in a very simple, agile and economical way.
Although it has remarkable relevant limitations compared to its more traditional brother (WordPress.org), this free hosting platform has several plans that can grow along with your needs.

 Main advantages of creating a free blog with Worpress.com

  • It is easy to use: it allows us to have our site with a very professional appearance, thanks to an incredible number of predesigned templates that we can install for free from your own repository of themes.
  • SEO friendly. Personally I think this is the option that best features (within its limitations) may offer you in SEO search engine optimization issues.
  • Have a free subdomain name, which you can change to your own custom domain whenever you want (buying it on the same platform or to other companies that deal with selling and managing domains).
  • Accepts HTML code and in its Premium versions you can also improve CSS or other design aspects.
  • Premium plans: extra annual subscription plans that offer more control and additional customization options.
  • Own customer service and a network of forums and bloggers specialized in WordPress.com that can solve your doubts or help you with possible inconveniences.
  • Mobile application for Android and IOS.
It is one of the platforms to make a free blog that more users have in the world (+ 50,000 every day ... from small business, personal or prestigious artist sites to media such as TIME and CNN).
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7) Weebly

Weebly.com is an online platform that offers millions of businesses an easy and affordable way to have a site tailored to each of them.
When creating a free blog with Weebly, an entrepreneur can have an online branch of his own business, communicate with his clients, publish his achievements and explain his best personal and professional qualities to his potential audience.
Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Weeby a Platforms to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

This free platform to create website gives us the possibility of having a personal website that works correctly in all browsers and in different mobile phones and tablets.
Weebly also offers, in addition to its free option, a series of customized plans starting at € 4 per month.

8) IMCreator

IMCreador.com platform has a fairly intuitive and simple drag-and-drop process to create a free-to-measure blog for free.
Imcreator a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Imcreator a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

Like other tools to build free blogs, it offers with its initial package 50 MB of storage and an updated collection of templates with simple, modern and creative designs.

9) WebsiteBuilder

Websitebuilder.com will allow us to create a free blog with a simple, yet quite professional appearance.
One of the main advantages of this platform is that it has a large collection of hundreds of templates (with several popular categories).
As in all cases, it offers a drag-and-drop editor that allows us not to have advanced HTML or CSS knowledge to design our site.

10) YOLA

Yola.com  is a platform that offers one of the most comprehensive and complete free packages on the market.
With Yola we will have the possibility to create a free blog, store up to 1GB and use a bandwidth of 1GB.
Yola a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Yola a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

It also offers free banners, customer service, statistics ... And as in all cases, a free subdomain and multiple extra services in its paid versions.

11) WEBS

On Webs.com anyone can create a website for free in a simple way.
It has a free package that includes a mobile-adapted blog, 500 MB of bandwidth and storage space of 40 MB (which is very small, but enough to start).
Webs a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Platforms to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

As time goes by, if we decide to continue with this platform, it allows us to scale to different payment plans that will allow us to expand the services and features of our account.

12) Blogger

Blogger.com is the platform to design your free blog owned by Google. In it, you have many different templates to configure your blog very easily.
If you prefer, and you have some basic programming knowledge, you can also make a free blog that is completely original. This tool allows for editing CSS and HTML.
Blogger a Platform to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites
Platforms to create a free blog or make a free Web page websites 

Also, if you are going to use Blogger.com for a Brand or business, you can change the subdomain that they offer by default and put your own.
Being owned by the great "G", it is also SEO friendly. Although just for that reason, do not believe that you will receive any extra or additional advantage in the positioning of your blog.

More Google services

Being a Google service, Blogger.com connects perfectly with any of the other Brand products such as Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, etc.
That connection would allow you to increase the dissemination of your content as well as the basic features of your free website.

Advertising and monetization

As I said in the previous point, this is a search engine service, so it will give you the possibility to monetize your platform thanks to another of its flagship products → Google AdSense (show relevant advertisements to your readers or visitors).
While this platform is designed to make a free blog, I have also been able to see how it can be used for other types of projects.
This tool is not one of my favorites to use in a business project, but despite this, the option is available for those who do.
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What are the advantages of making a free website or blog?

Let's see below those advantages of betting on a platform that allows us to create our website or blog totally free.

1st zero cost

There are some people, small entrepreneurs or even SMEs that because of the volume of their business do not have that initial budget, at least in the very short term that requires investment for another blog.
These people are usually the ones looking for other cheaper options or a platform that allows them to create a free blog.
With this option, they will not incur high and maintenance costs associated with the platform or system in which they are housed.

2nd Ease of use

They are simple systems and platforms to use, with basic and intuitive configurations that in no case require a high learning curve.
These types of blog creation platforms allow us, without advanced knowledge, nor require excessive time, to have ours.
And of course, you won't need to know Web design or manage programming languages before you can create your free website.

3rd Adaptability

There are almost as many platforms for creating free blogs as there are types of projects.
In this way, we will have what is only necessary for our business.
Find among the many platforms that I showed you, the one that best suits your needs and create your free blog from scratch.
In addition, if you need it, many platforms have the possibility of scaling up to very cheap Premium packages.

4th Visibility and free positioning

For free and without investing money (in advertising for example) you will be able to obtain a minimum presence in the network.
If you cannot afford to launch an SEO strategy, this is a very good

What are the disadvantages of creating a free blog or website?

Betting on free may not be the most competitive choice!
I don't want to demotivate anyone, but, despite understanding that this may be your only option at the beginning, I think you need to know that you will have some important disadvantages:

1st Limitations

Very limited benefits in terms of the possibility of choosing and disposing of hard disk space, bandwidth, etc.
Nor do most of them allow you to use plugins, HTML or CSS code and they only give you access to a limited number of templates (having to pay extra or hire an extra service if you want more features or customization, that is, losing the grace of free).

2nd is not yours

The platform in question is the owner of your site and they are the one that makes the rules and conditions of the service (similar to what happens in social networks).
If one day those rules or conditions change and you are not satisfied you will be left with nothing. Or worse, imagine that they decide to close without warning ... goodbye to your site (this is more common than it seems on the internet).
Still, be cautious, take steps to avoid that dependence.

3rd Advertising

In general, these free web platforms have, in many cases, advertising that they insert on your site. You in those cases will not have control over it.
However, the worst in these cases may be that you will not be able to monetize with your own means such as banners, advertisements, affiliation, etc.

4th Positioning

You will have a very basic search engine positioning.
Although most say they are SEO or Google-friendly, in practice, I don't know almost any free blog that is positioned on the 1st or 2nd page with a relevant +/- keyword.

Other things to keep in mind when creating your free website or blog

Can I migrate or move whenever I want?

If once you start with your free website or blog, the disadvantages that I have mentioned before make you rethink the jump to a more professional one, there are options to migrate.
In addition, punctually in the case of Worpress.com or Blogger.com (from Google), they also give you the option to make a backup of your content to be able to move or migrate to a more professional (or paid) platform when you can allow it or need it.

Conclusion and final reflection

With any of these previous platforms, and many others that I have not named today, we could have the possibility of having a better Internet presence (in a very simple and economical way).
Although I would like to highlight, that making a free blog over time will not be the most competitive option for our SME or entrepreneurship to stand out from among its competitors.

Again I remind you:

Although all the tools I have mentioned above say that they have functions to improve search engine optimization, or that they are Google friendly, the topic of on-page and off-page SEO goes through many other issues that need a good professional to optimize them correctly.
So, if you are planning to start a business and do not want to stay out of the network due to lack of budget, you could try some of these platforms for some time.
Likewise, if you like to write or want to have your own online blog without spending money on that, they may be very useful for creating your free blog.
Do you know other online platforms to create a free blog or a free website?
If you have tried these or other options and want to leave your opinion, I invite you to comment. And if you liked it, share it! 
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