What is hosting or web hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that provides Internet space for websites. What does "hosting" mean? If you want to create your website and others can visit it, you will need to publish or “upload” the files of your site (text and images) to a web hosting service.

What is web hosting? Why need host a website on a server
what is web hosting

If you have reached this article it is likely that you are somewhat lost in the wonderful universe of web hosting, you have doubts about what type of hosting you want to hire or even, you are looking for a new hosting different from the one you currently have.
If you are a person who is dedicated to digital marketing, you are an entrepreneur or you have a digital project in mind, you may not have deep knowledge about web development and design. Although with the Internet it seems that we know how to do everything, it is a very complicated sector. In this sense, knowing in depth what accommodation consists of and being clear about which one you need is not so simple.
This article aims to be a guide that clarifies all doubts about it, from the most basic points to more complicated and difficult to understand concepts.

What is hosting?

All the elements that are seen on a web page are files that must be stored somewhere to be visible. As with the documents you have stored on your computer, a web page requires a storage system. 
A hosting or host is the service that provides Internet users of the system that allows storing information, photographs, videos and all content accessible through a web page.
That is, hosting is a virtual place that occupies a page, a website, a system, an email, files... etc. 
This storage system requires having a machine connected to the Internet with a bandwidth much higher than the one you have at home, that is, a server. This must be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where to get a web host?

So, you will ask yourself, "If you really need a host?" Sure. A website or an online store must always be active for any user, anywhere in the world and at any time - unless it is in maintenance, fall or other special cases. In this case, you need an accommodation for your website.
"And I have to buy it?" As I said before, the hosting works thanks to a web server and this must be powerful enough. So much so that it is not logical to have it in a house, besides it is a very expensive option.
Thus, the right thing is to rent a hosting service through a company dedicated to providing web page hosting. These web hosting companies save their clients' website data within a Data Processing Center, that is to say that a fully formed and complete infrastructure with all the necessary power and technical aspects.
These hosting companies offer various services and hostings with properties that adapt to the demands of each person.

What hosting companies offer

These hosting services work by offering you high-performance computers (web servers), using high-speed connections in addition to many other functionalities concerning security and systems.
Hosting is the provision where a company offers its client the physical space (inside a computer known as "server") to store the data on its website so that it is always online.

Hosting your website

Professionally managing an Internet server and guaranteeing a high availability service is not an easy task. In most cases, it will be cheaper and easier to hire the hosting services of a specialized hosting company.
All Web hosting companies usually offer different hosting plans. The cost of each plan is usually associated with a series of factors that you must decide at the time of hiring, such as:

  • Available space: Once hosted on a server, the website will occupy a certain space in megabytes on a hard disk. The larger the website, the more space it will occupy on the server and also the more expensive your monthly hosting will be.
  • Monthly transfer: It is the amount of information that users can download from their website in gigabytes per month. The more traffic your site generates, the more bandwidth it will consume and the more expensive the monthly website hosting fee will be.
  • Type of server technology:  Usually, a Windows server with Microsoft SQL Server database will be more expensive than a Linux server with MySQL database due to the cost of proprietary software licenses.
In addition to these factors, it must be taken into account what guarantee of fault-free service time offered by the server, as well as other components that may be of interest for electronic commerce: sending monthly newsletters by e-mail, configuration of Spam filters, backup guarantee, payment gateways, certificates and virus and attack control, etc.

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