Web Hosting: What You Need to Know To Host website on Server

What You Need to Know Before Hosting the web on a server (hosting)
What You Need to Know Before Hosting the web on a server (hosting)

What is hosting ?

The hosting or web hosting is a storage service of information (files, images, emails, videos ...) on the World Wide Web, also known as Internet. Or in simpler words, it is what allows us the information of a web to be available to everyone from an Internet connection.
Many companies offer this service, so you will have to assess the current and future needs of the project to contemplate all the possibilities and hire the most appropriate one. There are free hosting and donation, only valuable for bloggers without business pretensions, and services focused on companies such as shared hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers and hosting in the cloud or cloud hosting.

What types of hosting exist for web pages?

One of the most common doubts is the distinction between the different types of hosting that exist to host web pages can offer us. Therefore, below we describe each of them briefly:
        Shared hosting:  This is a server whose hard disk is divided into many folders with a specific mega-capacity, and each of them is destined for a web. The webs hosted on this server share the CPU, the megas of the Ram and the Internet connection.
        Free hosting: It is the one that offers for example WordPress in its free version, but obviously has its limitations in terms of design, url, plugins, etc. They are usually hosting shared servers.
        Virtual servers: In this case, the hard disk and RAM memory are distributed among the different webs hosted on the server. In addition, the idea is that you pay a plan with a specific capacity where you can host several websites as long as you do not miss the contracted megas.
        Dedicated servers: It is a server 100% dedicated to your project with a Ram, CPU and its own connection.
        Cloud hosting: In this case what you pay is the time of use of certain resources, so you can expand and lower the capacity at any time, being ideal for projects with high scalability at the web level, such as an ecommerce.

What is a domain?

An Internet domain is an identification that is associated with an IP address, which points to a specific information or web. Therefore, our webs without domain would be IP addresses really hard to remember.
It is necessary to differentiate between what is the name of the domain (Example: example.com), the name of the top-level domain (Example: .com) and the URL or uniform resource locator (Example: http: //www.example. com/).
It is also important to know that there are different types of domains:
        Top-level or generic (gTLD) domains : .com (commercial site), .org (non-profit organization), .net (Internet service company), .info (information site) and .biz (business site) ).
        Geographic domains (ccTLD): .es (Spain), .mx (Mexico), .ar (Argentina), .co (Colombia) ...
        Third level domains:  .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es,  .com.mx, .edu.mx ...
For a website to be visible on the Internet, it must be hosted on a server, so it is necessary to hire a hosting service. It is a space available on a server that is rented by its owner so that the web can be viewed on the network. The great advantage offered by hosting services is that they allow visibility of 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. What should be sought is that in addition to this permanent visibility, the user can access the web quickly and safely.
Generally, the cost of hosting varies depending on the weight of the website and, therefore, the space it needs, the features it incorporates (payment gateways, databases, etc.), visits and downloads made by those visitors (data transfer) and other additional services (registration of domains, templates to create websites, payment gateways, etc.).
When looking for a suitable hosting service for a company website, the fundamental aspects that must be analyzed are:
        Permanent visibility: that the web is always accessible on the Internet or said more colloquially than the server "do not fall."
        The capacity of hard disk space: many servers offer a large capacity of the hard disk as a claim, although most websites probably do not need more than 100 MB. This is the case of a web of fifteen pages with an average of two to five graphics or images per page and a couple of videos.
        Reduced download time: this means that web users can access it in a few seconds. It has been proven that most users abandon the intention to visit a new website if they have to wait more than 5 seconds.
        Security: a secure or "encrypted" space on the server is necessary for websites that request information about credit cards or other data. If the data is not encrypted (that is, encoded so that only the receiver can read it), other navigators in the network could see it and facilitate the performance of fraudulent activities.
        Periodic security copy: this service can save many annoyances since it allows to recover contents (databases, pages) that have been damaged by any circumstance.
        Data transfer capacity: servers usually offer the data transfer service up to a capacity limit. If you need to exceed that limit, you will have to pay a surcharge.
        Customer service: it is essential that the server offers a good service, not only online but also have telephone attention if it can be for most of the day and even 24 hours.
The following table shows the hosting plans best valued by users of the Ho starting price comparator. The choice of a server should be considered since once it has been contracted, it is not easy for the company to transfer its web to another server. Possibly you have to go to your computer consultant or ask for the necessary data and identification keys.
The high competition of companies that offer hosting has considerably reduced the cost of this service. For a simple website, it can be around one hundred euros per year. Some companies offer free hosting service, but logically the service is usually quite deficient and unwise for a company website.


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