Best Way of How to Select a Computer Consultant

It is common that many companies, especially SMEs, hire their first website to a family member or friend, or even, the most enthusiastic venture to develop the web with a template that they acquire on the Internet for the development of websites. The result may be acceptable to start the Internet presence, but it will not be effective, to attract views and get customers.

Domain registration with extensions from other countries
Most companies register their domains with the extension corresponding to their country of origin. More than two hundred territorial extensions are corresponding to as many other countries, most of which can only be used by citizens or national companies of that country. However, there are some extensions of countries that can register any, whether or not national of that country, as can be the case of being. (Belgium), ch. (Switzerland) or (United Kingdom)
There are companies that use these extensions for very generic names that are already registered with the most known extensions. For example, the Spanish language school Cervantes uses the domain («.to» of the Kingdom of Tonga, some islands located in the south of the Pacific), although the company is located in Andalusia. Probably seeks to relate .to the city of Toledo, world-famous and that is related to Don Quixote, the main work of Cervantes.
Usually, as the months go by, the company that makes this type of website asks itself: what now? There are no results, there are hardly any visits, and I do not know very well what the web is for. It is time to put yourself in the hands of professionals, and that is when another question arises: how to select the consulting company that will make the web? There may be luck or good references from a friend or colleague in the sector. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to dedicate a lot of time and effort to identify the appropriate consultant. Finding a good computer consultant for web development is like finding a good mechanic to repair the car, once it is found, do not let it escape!
Here are some guidelines to follow in selecting a computer consultant who has the capacity to develop effective websites:
        Search the Internet for websites similar to the one to be developed, preferably from companies in the same sector or related sectors.
        Investigate who designed those webs. Ask the owner companies directly; most will have no problem in telling their experience and comment on the company that made your website. Sometimes, the name of the company that made the web appears on the website itself, usually at the bottom of the home page.
        Search at least six or seven web development companies that have been located and recommended in this way.
        Visit the web of these pre-selected companies, which will give the first impression of their professionalism. It is possible that on your own website some of the clients you have will appear and, therefore, it will be another source to ask for references about how they work.
        Get in touch with some clients of each of them and ask them for references not only about the creation of the website but also about the dissemination and positioning, as well as maintenance. It is more economical and more efficient if the same company takes care of everything. You can also find references in blogs. Most web developers usually have a blog or collaborate on one. It is interesting to know your business 'philosophy' by visiting your blogs.
Once the pre-selection has been carried out, it is time to get in touch with the companies from which the best references have been obtained. The appropriate thing is to contact, at least, four or five companies. The information that must be requested from pre-selected companies can be summarized in ten key issues.
If satisfactory answers have been obtained to these questions, it is time to ask for a budget. Not before, because although it seems difficult to understand, in the world of the Internet, the cost or budget of the work does not necessarily have to do with the quality of the services offered.
Nowadays, the development and maintenance of a website can be done remotely, although it is convenient to have at least a couple of personal meetings before and during the realization of the project with the computer consultant. Personal communication helps to convey better the message regarding the type of business and what is expected to be obtained with the web.

Key questions to select a computer consultant
1.     What kind of websites have you made? Have you made websites similar to the one you want to develop?
2.     Can you give references? (Carefully analyze websites developed by the consultant)
3.     Do you have experience with e-Commerce websites, restricted areas or other technological applications?
4.     Do they use content managers? Which?
5.     Do they work with the standards of the international organization W3C?
6.     Do they take into account the correct vision of the web in different types of browsers, at least, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome?
7.     Prepare the website for your positioning?
8.     Do they perform maintenance?
9.     What other services do they offer (hosting, domain transfer, software )?
10.  How long does it take to develop the web?


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