Positioning and digital Marketing

A common mistake is to think that once the web is created, users will visit it. Unfortunately, this does not happen. Once the website is uploaded to the server, it must be promoted. Internet promotion consists of going to meet users who are looking for what the company and its competitors offer. The user will search, approximately 50% of the cases, typing a few words in a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.). Thus, the concept of keywords (keywords) appears, that is, those that are more likely to be used by potential customers to search for what the company offers on the web.
Good positioning is achieved by appearing in the top positions of the search engines when the user types the keywords. For example, if you type the word "tiles" in the Google search engine, the best-positioned companies appear for this product, both those that have a natural positioning, called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and those that have paid Google for appearing , that is, they perform a positioning called SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
According to the studies carried out, 80% of users will not pass the first or second screen (57% stay in the first and only 23% reach the second screen). Therefore, it is important to be in what is called the Top 10 position, among the first ten, which are the ones seen in a first screen.
In the world, three out of four searches are done through Google and in Europe are nine out of ten. Although the clients of the company are French, Mexican or Chinese, many will search the Internet with keywords in English.
It is also important to note the different popularity of the two leading search engines of the network, Google and Yahoo, depending on the country. In Spain practically all users use Google; in other countries the market share is different.
It is also likely that the keywords used by customers in foreign markets are different from those used by national customers, even if the same language is spoken. If a user is looking for a consultant that offers marketing services, if he is Spanish he will probably type in the keywords "consulting marketing," while a Mexican will type "marketing consultancy."
To achieve an adequate positioning, it is necessary to use the techniques of natural positioning in search engines (SEO), the positioning of pay per click (SEM), and positioning in social media (SMO).
In addition to the general search engines, social search engines or 2.0 must be taken into account. Increasingly users end up "landing" on a company website through mentions or links that appear on social media: blogs, popular sites such as YouTube, Flickr. Del.icio.us, Slideshare, etc. or social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Tuenti, etc. It can be effective to participate in these media and create and maintain a profile with interesting content for users. They should not be used to launch direct mail campaigns because it is rejected instantly by users.
Google also indexes users' participation in social networks, such as Twitter messages, blog posts or YouTube videos. Also, it rewards the positioning of companies that participate or are mentioned in these popular sites.
Google in real time
The most important search engine in the network offers a service that allows you to include results in real time. You can search for news, tweets, or blog entries that are happening through the web at the precise moment of the search and in direct relation with it.
Google wanted to respond to the broad growth of social networks and includes in the service everything new on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or FriendFeed, in real time. This tool allows you to discover the latest news at the moment in which they are happening, even if they are not the most important news of the day or they are not known in advance.

Benefits of Digital Marketing
 1- It allows SMEs to live up to the big companies
In the digital world, we all have the same tools available, so we can all achieve the same impact and popularity. The most important thing is to have the capacity and knowledge to develop an effective strategy, but the opportunities are practically the same for everyone. Although it is true that if you have a large company with a brand of great popularity in the physical world, this will boost your online growth.

2- It is more profitable than marketing in any other "traditional" channel
The Internet has made the costs much cheaper, so with a small investment in digital marketing, it is possible that you obtain better results than with a substantial investment in traditional channels. Besides, marketing through the Internet is more comfortable, faster, easier to measure and more effective.
3- You can measure the return on investment (ROI) easily
In the digital world, you can know the return on investment (ROI) easily and precisely due to the amount of data you can obtain and measure, which in traditional marketing is almost impossible to do. The digital marketing platforms offer you complete statistics and allow you to track the campaign in a very detailed way. In digital marketing, you can know the evolution of the strategy and reorient it based on the results you get.
4- The results are seen in real time
This is very related to the previous point. The results with simple to measure and at the same time can be measured in real time. This means that you can make changes to your campaign while you are doing it. In this way, you will take better advantage of the investment and obtain better results.
5- It facilitates the interaction and proximity with the audience
The Internet allows you to have a personal digital experience, a direct and effective deal with your clients and potential clients, which translates into greater engagement and satisfaction. All this through traditional marketing is complicated to achieve. This also means that customers and potential customers will have at their disposal all the tools to share and publicize your company and your brand but also to complain or speak ill of you. This may be a handicap for some, but I think it is positive since companies that do it well will have more reputation and it will be easier to identify those that give a worse service or those that offer poor quality services.


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