How to Select and Register Domains for a Company

The domain is the address of a website, which is written between «www» and extensions .com, .es, .net or others. The domain is also called with the acronym URL (Universal Resource Locator). The company must choose a good domain or, better yet, several domains and register them.
The first domain that registration was "" in 1985 and in January 2010 there were 192 million Internet domains according to VeriSign (internet service provider and a global domain .Com and .net).

Selection of effective domains
The choice of a domain name is the beginning of an online business and a priority element for it to be effective. The name of a domain, regardless of whether it has to do with the name of the company, the products or the brands, should be easy to remember, rather short, simple to pronounce, without scripts, accents or little "international" letters like the «ñ» or the «ç».
The advantage of choosing a domain that corresponds to the name of the company is that customers can find it more easily on the Internet. It is the best option for companies that already have a certain degree of brand recognition. Most users, will try to find the company looking for your name in a search engine or directly in the browser by typing the name with the most common extensions, .com, .es., Etc.
If it is an SME that is not known internationally, in general, the best option is to register a generic name that identifies with what the company offers and that this name matches the keywords by which users search on the Internet the products or services that the company offers. The domains that contain these keywords improve the positioning of the pages under your name.
Obviously, it is difficult to find free records for generic names such as shoes, wine or apples - in English, even more difficult. It will be necessary to use two or three words that define with more exactitude the offer of the company, for example, Spanish wine or design furniture.
As for the termination of the domain, this can be .com, .es, .org, .info, etc. In general, it can be said that is the most appropriate since it is the most international and the one that most relates to the world of the company. According to a VeriSign report, the four most used endings on the Internet were in this order: .com (80 million domains), .cn (termination used in China), .de (Germany) and .net.

Domain registration
Know if a domain is already registered and with what extensions is a matter of seconds. Just go to websites of companies that are dedicated to registering domains (for example or and check it. For example, the name of Freixenet (world leader in the production and export of sparkling wine) is registered with many extensions.
The companies that register domains tell us not only if the domain is free or not but also, in the latter case, who is the owner or administrator and their contact information.
Example of domain selection for an SME
The company Bravo Lozano, producer and distributor of agricultural products, decided to launch one of its flagship products, pears to wine, the national and international market and create a website dedicated to inform and promote this dessert. The recommended domains for this website would be: and Why?:
       They identify with the product offered by the web.
       They are the keywords used by the potential consumer to search for the product.
       It is a better domain than the usual option to use the name of the company, in this case, Bravo Lozano, which is not known in the international market and little at the national level.
       The .com ending is used for the Spanish domain. In general, this termination is more effective because it is identified with businesses and a less local environment than the .es.
       The .es ending is used for the English domain since the .com ending for the wine pears domain is already registered. It is much more frequent than the .com termination is already registered than the .es. In any case, the ending .es may be very suitable to convey the message that it is a Spanish product. It is advisable to use it when this is an added value for the product.
A very comfortable option when you are testing different domain options is offered by the web that allows, in addition to registering domains at a reasonable price, simultaneously see if several domains (up to 500 names!) Are or not registered.
The cost of registering and renewing a domain is very economical, between € 5 and € 20 per year. It is important that the company registers it in its name and not on behalf of the computer consultant, to avoid problems in the renewal if it has to change computer consultant over time.

Acquisition of already registered domains
If the domain you want to obtain is already registered, a possibility is to acquire it. This is possible in three circumstances: when it has been registered by a speculator who, therefore, would be interested in selling it; that corresponds to a website that is not operational, which suggests that the owner of the domain is not using it; or that it belongs to a very old page and with a very low traffic, that could also lead the owner to sell it.
To acquire a domain, the first option is to go to intermediary companies that perform this management. One of them is First, they offer to request a previous study to estimate the price of that domain. The cost of this study is around fifty euros once you have this valuation the intermediary charges a commission of 10% on the amount of the sale (with a minimum of between fifty and one hundred euros) in case of success.
It is also possible to contact the owner directly. But in this circumstance, if the buyer is a company that already has a website, it is preferable to negotiate the purchase of a domain as if it were an individual and not a company so that the owner does not increase the price. In any case, you can not always negotiate a reasonable price, and you will have to decide on another name for the domain.


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