Best Way to Creating a Company web

A web page consists of texts, images, graphics, multimedia elements, and applications. We could say that each section of the web is a page and that all of them form a website.
The task of the computer consultant is to bring to different programming languages (HTML, Flash, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) the design and the created contents. In the design, the consultant will take the initiative, but in the content the companies will have to participate, contributing most of them. That is, in the creation of the web, there are three clearly differentiated areas: content development, programming, and design.
Elaboration of contents
The bad news about the selection and development of content is that it is something that corresponds to the company. It is a task that is tedious for many, for which time is never found, it is always left for the end, and that has an added difficulty: it is difficult to find in a company people who really know how to write, especially for the Internet. And organize the contents focusing on the user. So, we can ask ourselves, why does not the consulting company that makes the web, also elaborate the contents? The answer is simple: first, because their training is very technical and they tend not to be able to write or structure them effectively; but also because they do not know the company, nor their products and the messages that they want to transmit.
There is a growing tendency for large web development consultancies to hire journalists to write content. Journalists know how to write, and they can be entrusted with the task of preparing the contents, provided that they are guided and the necessary indications are provided. For example, it will be necessary to choose the contents, what is included and what is not, what will be given more importance or what are the tools that should be used to promote interactivity.
Another option, more and more frequent, is to hire writers or editors to create content. In the most visited website of classified ads in the United States (, some companies offer jobs by the hour or by the amount of text for writing content for websites.
It is essential that the contents are oriented to the utility or service that the company offers its customers. Do not limit yourself to tell the benefits of the company or its products because this type of advertising irritates the Internet user. But the goal should not end up offering content of interest and simple flow of navigation, but to do so in such a way that persuades the user to end up doing what we want him to do: buy, subscribe to a newsletter, download a catalog, etc.
Another important element that the company itself must carry out is what is called «web map»; that is, the organization of the contents. It is about making an index of the main contents. To facilitate the indexing of the main pages of the site by the main search engines, it is essential to upload the site map to the "root directory" of Google and Yahoo. It is a very simple job that the programmer must perform.
Consequently, the way of exposing the contents must take into account the good usability of the web. Users must be guided in a simple and fluid way towards the objectives sought. The flow from one step of the web to another must be obvious and natural. The visitor will not make an effort to find what they are looking for. In the attainment of good usability, the contents, graphic design and programming intervene.
Graphic design and programming
Once you have an outline of the content structure, it is time to start designing the web. The design must convey the personality of the company or the image it wants to project on the network, and above all, it must be at the service of the functionality. The companies dedicated to the development of webs have in their templates graphic designers and programmers who act separately: each one of them makes one of the two "professional" parts in the creation of webs.
The designer will deliver a first sketch of the graphic design of the web, basically from the home page and the most important pages of the site. It will be the first impression of how the web will look. Once the design has been approved -will have to decide on colors, typography, menus, images, etc.- the programming work of the web will be done, that is, what goes "behind" the visual part of the web. A web that is not seen, but that is the work of web development. It consists of translating the web language to the design that is seen on the screen. For this, the usual programming languages (HTML, XHTML, CSS, PHP, etc.) are usually used.
All websites are made based on two dialing languages, HTML or XHTML. A markup or markup language is a computer language that allows you to structure the text of a website. The aspects of graphic design are included in the so-called style sheets, made in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The benefits of using this styling language are several. On the one hand, the updating of both the content and the visual aspects are more comfortable, if the text and the presentation are separated since you can make changes easily, for example, color, background, and typography.


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